Here is a thumbnail sketch of what we do in South Africa.  For more info, you can contact us or read our FAQ's.  If you would like to contribute toward what we do in Africa, you can go to our donate page on this site or go to   

Global Missions 

​We've visited over 30 countries and logged as many mission trips! We are proud to be career (volunteer) missionaries. We currently serve YWAM Muizenberg and we view Cape Town​ as our mission field as we interact with leaders, pastors, parents, academics, township residents, and youth. We are also passionate about comissioning Africans as bona-fide international missionaries!

Our Kids 

​Not gonna lie...we adore our kids!  Who doesn't?  But in a job where we are 'on call' 24/7 (especially evenings, weekends and holidays), investing our love, time and energy into our kids is part of our ministry and calling.  They attend LSFM township church with us and attend local schools.  You can find out more about them and our family here

Living Spring Faith Ministries

​Living Spring Faith Ministries (LSFM) is a church-planting and community development ministry which was founded in 2002 in Cape Town.  We currently serve as directors for this non-profit organization dedicated to community transformation.  LSFM has 5 community churches and operates in South Africa and Zambia.  Check out LSFM's website or FB page for more info. 

Pre-Marital Counseling &

Cross-Cultural Marriage 

We provide relationship mentorship & pre-marital counseling for couples in ministry. Being inter-raccial, cross-cultural and international ourselves, we specialize incross-cultural communicaiton and conflict resolution.  As we invest in the healthy marriages of future ministry leaders, we're making a local and global impact!

Teaching & Training 

We both have pre-misisons teaching backgrounds and have since taught or lectured in international YWAM schools, Acadmeic, Evangelical and Misisonary conferences, as well as leadership seminars and campus ministries.  Deb's teaching focuses on Ancient Studeis and Cross-cultural issues.  Gabriel specializes in Biblical teaching, preaching, and African ministry leadership. 


The Townships

South Africa is known for its natural beauty and emeging economy, but 65% of South Africans live in urban townships or squatter camps where poverty, HIV, crime, and broken homes sabotage development opportunities.  We are priviledged to serve township residents as we encourage and empower them to break emotional and financial poverty cycles for themselves and their children.